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Would you have more confidence if you had breasts that have more volume and perkiness? Breast Augmentation Bakersfield provides you with the skilled “plastic surgeon near me” that you have been searching for.

If you are looking to enhance your breasts then you will want to call and schedule a consultation to decide on the details for your breast job. Are you going through pain from the pressure your large breasts are causing on your neck, shoulders, or back? We offer breast reductions for you to relieve this pain.


About Breast Augmentation Bakersfield

You are about to get the best breast augmentation Bakersfield you could get. We have all the tools and resources that you need.

bakersfield breast augmentation

We know that you and many others are searching for “cheap breast implants near me”. We know that many of you worry about what breast implants Bakersfield cost. This is why we are sure to have the best breast augmentation surgeons and financing options.

Many other women who were searching endless for “breast enlargement near me” came to us and never looked back. It is very vulnerable when getting breast enlargement surgery and we make you feel very comfortable and accompanied.

Our staff have empathy as we listen to your story and what brought you here. It may be because of a lifelong desire for a breast enlargement. It may be for breast reconstruction surgery because of the devastating loss of your breasts due to cancer.

We are compassionate yet straightforward with what will and will not work with your body. We want to WOW and amaze you with your end results.

We think of your life in the long term and take your lifestyle into great

consideration. It is our goal for you to love them forever not only right after you get them.

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Why Choose Us Right Now?

Are there aspects you would change about your breasts if you could? Is that why you are looking into Bakersfield breast augmentation? Here is a list of some of the reasons you may be here:

  • You may want to have more full and large breasts
  • You may have proportions you are wanting to correct on your body
  • You may have minor sagging of the breasts due to size or lack of

Bakersfield breast augmentation helps with a variety of issues. We have provided our services to thousands of people over the years. Patients choose to come to us for their breast implants Bakersfield CA for these reasons:

  • Our surgeons were accommodating with their schedule
  • We leave as little scarring as possible
  • We check up with you often to make sure you are healing well

Our patients are very pleased with their results. We have made a lifelong impact on thousands of women's lives. Call our front desk today. You will be well on your journey to making a difference in your life as well.

You may also fill out the form below to receive more information. You will want to be sure to come in and get personal measurements to know what will be best for you.

bakersfield breast implants
bakersfield breast lift


What To Expect?

Your first consultation will provide you with incredible amounts of information. You will get all the details for “how much are boob jobs”. You will learn what your options are and what will look and feel best for your body.

A breast implant can go under or over your pectoral muscles. The more natural you would like your implants to look the more you may lean toward under the muscle.

If you are wondering what the breast implant size you are wanting will look like on you, we will show you. We have a special software. We take a picture of you. We then help you with choosing breast implants and the size. We also help you to choose the type and shape that you like. We then show you what it will look like on your body.

It can be hard to visualize what you want will look like in reality. This takes that guessing game out of your procedure. You will be more satisfied with your results.

Recovery may last several weeks. We recommend having a lot of help post surgery. For at least two days.

After that it is important for your healing that you do not lift anything heavy or do any strenuous activities. We will clear you for activity after we have seen you and have been sure your breasts and scars are healing proper.


Our Services

At Breast Augmentation Bakersfield CA we have many different types of services for your breasts. Some of these options include your usual breast implants and fat transfer augmentation. We also have two types of breast reduction surgery Bakersfield; for male and female. We have breast reconstruction and breast lifts as two of our other services.

Breast Implants Bakersfield

Your two options here are saline implants and silicone implants. We fill each of these in a silicone shell. We fill saline implants with a saline solution that is very natural and safe if leaked into your body. We make a smaller incision with saline implants because we first insert the shell and then fill it. The solution is natural for your body and will absorb normal. You will know if your implant is leaking or has ruptured due to a deflate in your implant. We fill silicone implants with silicone gel. These feel much more soft and natural. You will need to get mammograms and MRI’s every two years to make sure they have not got any tears or leaks.

Gummy Bear Implant

Gummy bear implants are as they sound. We fill these with a gel that forms to the consistency of a gummy bear. This is wonderful for a few reasons. They last and hold up longer through the years. Also, you take away the risk of fluid leaking into your body if the shell tears or ruptures. This may be very comforting to you. These implants give you the natural teardrop shape of breast implants.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Do you have a little extra fat on your body and would like natural breast implants? This will do the job for you. We will take as little as 2.2 pounds from your hips, thighs, butt, or abdomen. We will then form it and insert it into your breasts. You will have less scarring with the fat transfer breast augmentation. Some of the fat will in fact absorb back into the body so we make sure and take that into consideration when determining a size that you want.

Breast Lift Bakersfield

Do you know what a boob lift provides for you? It gives you the perk youthful breasts you want without having to do implants. This works amazing if you have breast tissue already. We work with what you have, reform it and remove any excess skin. It may be the presence of too much skin that is causing your breast to sag. We help rid your breast of that which gives it the lift. Many women combine the breast lift with breast implants and that may be an option for you.

Breast Reconstruction Bakersfield

If you have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy and are ready to get new breasts we have that for you. Breast reconstruction starts with placing an expander. This will create the space that we need in your breast area for your implant to go. Once it is at the point needed, we will insert either implants of tissue transfer implants. If you have one breast that needs reconstructed, it is common to do both breasts still so that they are even.

Breast Reduction Bakersfield

Many women suffer years with breasts that are too large. Why is this problematic? The weight of your breasts does more damage to your body than you may think. It puts added stress on your neck, shoulders, and back. It may be creating much pain to you. They also make it more difficult to live an active lifestyle. During a breast reduction you choose which size you would like them redacted to. We then take off the tissue and skin that is keeping you from being that size. We reposition the nipple and you have a beautiful great size chest.

Male Breast Reduction

Do you think you may have gynecomastia? This is a condition in what creates what you may have heard of as the “man boobs”. What we do here is we remove the tissue that is causing those. We then form the pec to look masculine and firm. You will have renewed and lasting confidence.

Other Services

  • Breast asymmetry
  • Tuberous breast correction
  • Inverted nipple correction
  • Help you choose correct implant size
  • Many more other services

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a boob job cost?

A usual breast reduction surgery cost is about $5500. Insurance may help cover if your breast reduction is due to a medical necessity. Breast implants cost anywhere from $5000-$10000 depending on your surgery. There are many factors that go into the cost of breast implants. Call us today and we will discuss your specific cost.

What is the benefit of placing the implant below the muscle?

Do you want your implant to look and feel natural? If you have breast tissue then that will be available. If you have very little breast tissue it will look and feel more natural under the muscle. Implants may cause capsular contracture or rippling. This will be less noticeable on an implant that is under the muscle.

Will I have to get more than one breast augmentation done during my life?

If done correct and if you heal correct then your chances are low that you will have to get another procedure done in your life. They wear over time and may need replacing after years and years of having them. If you are unhappy with the way that they are aging with you then you can replace them as well. There are reasons that you may want to replace them. If you love them how they are then there is no need to replace them.

What are some of the risks from the “breast augmentation near me” I found?

There are some risks when getting bigger boobs. You have the risk of bleeding and infections. There is a chance that your sensation in your breasts will be different after your surgery. You may have noticeable scarring, implant tears and leaking, or capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is when the scar tissue that forms around the breast implant hardens and contracts the implant. These risks vary person to person and we can treat them.

Customer Testimonials

What Our Clients Say


The staff were very accommodating. I rescheduled surgery a couple of times due to my help no longer able to help. They worked with me and we found a time that worked.

Kelsey Ruttland


I was able to finance my boob job so it was not such a financial burden up front to pay. This made it very doable for me.

Hannah Struss


I could not have asked for a better experience. I had a mastectomy and was nervous about how new breasts would look. I love them and they look so natural!

Victoria Brookings

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With all the different sizes of breasts that are available you have many options. You will not be alone to decide. We have the best staff and surgeons.

They help you to find what it is that you are wanting to see done with your body. Our priority is you. We have breast reductions and breast implants and everything between.

Call Breast Augmentation Bakersfield today to schedule with our wonderful surgeons! You are going to love it here in Bakersfield if you are not already here. We will be sure to answer your questions in a way that you understand.

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